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What's New History

99-11-12 The Construction Zone Update
99.08.20 Added some stuff in the Outdoors in AZ directory and subdirectories
99.08.19 Updated the Introduction Page
99.08.17 Added Financial Times, edited Family Resource Zone, updated Kid Stuff
99.08.16 Updated Personal Computing links, Forensic Resources 2, Agellons Online, Tidbits, Online News
99.08.06 Added site award to SCUBA Diving page
99.08.06 Removed ICQ control center.  Just click ICQ#9814864 thanks
99.04.25  Move info to the Introduction page
99.03.16  Added Mind-it website change tracker service (take advantage of it)
99.03.13  Updated Wolf and Wolfdog Resources Page
99.03.12  Added Joel Agellon's Page and Joe's Resume
99.03.11  Added new Scientific Zone, move the email login into Agellon, Inc. Mail
99.02.24  Trimmed some fat and change the look of the site (send comments)
99.02.12  Replaced images in The Trouble Maker
99.02.09  Added Search option at the top of the page
99.02.06  Updated Al's SCUBA Diving Page
99.02.02  Added Forensic Resources 2, Resources and Links, BioInformatics, Scientific Journals, Databases
99.02.02  Added Auxiliary Links, Around the U of A
99.02.02  Updated University of Arizona
99.02.02  Updated Kid Stuff
99.01.30  Added "About the Author"
99.01.30  Added stuff to Tidbits
99.01.30  Added a guest book...I was not going to do it but here it is at the bottom of the page
99.01.28  Added Family Page and Teens in the Resource Zone
99.01.26  Updated Enforcement Zone and Kid Stuff
99.01.24  Added ICQ service
99.01.23  Updated Agellons Online
99.01.22  Updated State of AZ and Tucson Pages
99.01.21  Added GoTo.com Search, check it out
99.01.21  Added Newsletters Page
99.01.20  New design
99.01.20  Added Agellon, Inc. Email Service, get an email account!
99.01.18  Added recommended books in Al's Forensic Page
99.01.16  Updated Kid Stuff
99.01.15  Added Quick Links to the side navigation
99.01.14  Updated the Enforcement Zone
99.01.14  Added link to National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
99.01.14  Updated Creatures Amongst Us and Added The Trouble Maker
99.01.14  Added Submit-A-Link page
99.01.13  Added Wolves and Wolfdog stories and links page
99.01.13  Added Roger Agellon's Page
99.01.12  Renamed the headings for easy navigation
99.01.12  Published the new Official Agellon Web Site- renamed "Agellon Inc."

madhack1.gif (7546 bytes) Hacking as much as I could do without staying up all night, so please excuse my delay for not bringing you the latest information about information.  Tour the site to see the progress!

Yes there will be plenty of empty pages and some broken links but they will be filled in with time.  Please do continue to tour the site or pages you've bookmarked.

Do tell me what you want to see in the site.  Every little bit of suggestions help.  If you see it in the site next time you visit, it's because I liked it!

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Yes, this site  is under constant revision.  Enjoy!  Thank you.

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