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Hello and welcome to my web site.  Please let me introduce myself.  My name is Al Agellon, your friendly webmaster.  Yes this site is under reconstruction from another site and I don't want to clutter the page with a lot of construction images.  So for those who want to see it, I've created a page dedicated to it.  Excuse my delay for not bringing you my latest information about what else...information!  Oh and by the way, have you ever come across a web site or page that is not under construction?  It should be under constant revision.  Well then, I have plenty of fresh information here for you.  Instead of having a collection links in my browser, I thought I might share it with my fellow web surfer.

Sorry about the long load time - the navigation page has a lot of images I hope you'll click on (a faster modem really helps or get a DSL hook up...wish I can get one).  Once the main pages caches, the rest of the site will load faster.  I'll trim the fat a little later on as the site grows.  So please read on and enjoy the contents of my site.  It turns out that it's Microsoft Frontpage98 writing a lot of extra code.  I'm rewriting the whole site in HTML not using FrontPage so we can get rid of the slow load.  Again, sorry about that.  Please go through the site.

Yes,  I do need your help in keeping my site up to date too.  If you would please, notify me if you come across any dead links on my site.  I try to check them all but as you know,  the web is growing so rapidly and much of the URLs have changed.  The web is so incredible that sometimes I can't keep up with it.   I would greatly appreciate it if you would do that for me.  Thank you in advance.

This web site contains excellent information on Arizona and activities within our State (because I want to and I hope that you will like it too).  You'll also find a wide variety of  information ranging from my professional involvement in life and natural sciences, law enforcement,  to sitting in front of my computer,  to giving  you this information,  to fun activities like SCUBA diving, Mountain Biking and Home Brewing, etc.  Whewwww.....what a run-on sentence......do let me know if I have grammatical errors too but I hope you got the idea!  Oh, and yeah, Kids and Teens should not feel left out as I do have a page dedicated to them.  I care a lot about our future leaders so some links can be found there and in the Enforcement Zone, my cop page.  For selected pages within my site or links to web, please navigate the side bar.  Don't forget to visit the sites that I am affiliated with too!

With this little introduction, I hope to have convinced you to stay and tour the site.  Each "Zone" (a subset of AriZONa) should have something you'll appreciate.    That's right!  I live must live in Arizona and I'll tell you about it if you'll let me.  I'll be updating the site regularly so bookmark it now and stay a while...or come on back, you hear!?  I'll pitch it again later.......

Lastly, this site is designated the Official Agellon Web Site (yeah, by me).  So yes, it is a personal site which will document my quest for my ancestry.  The Agellon Zone contains the Agellon related stuff and someday (I should probably do it soon- OK I'll do it now) I will put in the "About the Author" of this web site.

Contacting me

ICQ logo.gif (4325 bytes)    If I'm online, give me a shout and we'll chat using ICQ.   I highly recommend it!  It is easy to use and it's free.  Lots of users world-wide.  So go ahead and download it from Mirabilis.   Go down to the bottom of the page to see if I'm online or for more info about it.

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Yes, this site  is under constant revision.  Enjoy!  Thank you.

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