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Welcome to Al's Forensic Page


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Forensic Science, you can learn a little about it here.  I focus on a branch of forensics called forensic genetics.   It involves the use of forensic approaches on living (or formally living) materials.  I like to study it!  It is really easy to understand what  DNA Testing is all about.  Don't forget the legal aspects too. 

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Forensic Resources

Resources I

Resources II

DNA Typing

Forensic References (Books)

Forensic Science at Open Directory Project

Forensic Science:DNA at Open Directory Project

Forensic Science:DNA:Training and Workshops at Open Directory Project

The Y-Chromosome Research Project

(this part is being writtened- if you have immediate questions, email me at my work address agellon@u.arizona.edu)

Forensic Research focusing on DNA of male subjects

Human Genetics

History of Humans based on the male bias (genetic diversity of the human Y Chromosome)

Y Chromosome Testing

Genetic Markers Currently in Use (published)

STRs (short tandam repeats)

SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism)

Database (located at my work server-published data only-secured)

US Population Groups

List of collaborators (If you are interested in collaborating, contact me)

Collaborators with web sites

Visit the Forensic Laboratory for DNA Research, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Pubs and References

SWAFS Technical Paper (Abstract)

Visit the Forensic Laboratory for DNA Research for a short list for now

News Events

Genetic technique will help rape cases, UA researcher says...

Road to Understanding DNA Testing

You might want to get these books that I've list below as it helps establish the foundation in understanding DNA Analysis.  Most importantly, you might want to look at today's Quality Assurance Standards located at the FBI Web Site.

Learn Mendelian Genetics:    Good starting place to learn genetics

Books to Read

NRC-DNA.gif (5589 bytes)  Evaluation of Forensic DNA Evidence : Update on Evaluating DNA Evidence by Committee On National Research Council


the_double_helix.gif (10411 bytes)  The Double Helix : A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA (Scribner Classics) by James D. Watson, Gunther S. Stent


Forensic_DNA_profiling.gif (10694 bytes)   Forensic DNA Profiling Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 98) by Patrick J. Lincoln (Editor), Jim Thomson (Editor), James Thomson


DNA_fingerprinting.gif (13163 bytes)   DNA Fingerprinting : An Introduction (Breakthroughs in Molecular Biology) by Lorne T. Kirby


Other DNA Typing Research Projects

DNA Typing of Plant Material

Migratory Pathways of the Rufous Hummingbird


Stay tuned for more to come!



Open Directory Project at

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Yes, this site  is under constant revision.  Enjoy!  Thank you.

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Last modified: November 27, 1999