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*Introduction     A little about the web site.  Check it out!
The Open Directory Project     One of my projects

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Check out my SCUBA Diving page!


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What's New

Here's a list of the five latest update to the web site.  To see the revision history, go to the Construction Zone
updated.gif (1796 bytes) 99-11-27 The Construction Zone Update
Added some stuff in the Outdoors in AZ directory and subdirectories
Updated the Introduction Page
Added Financial Times, edited Family Resource Zone, updated Kid Stuff
Updated Personal Computing links, Forensic Resources 2, Agellons Online, Tidbits, Online News
Added site award to SCUBA Diving page...check it out too!

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I built this site because my memory is not as good as it use to be.  Since I find myself reinstalling Windozze98, it's better to archive links on a remote server where I won't loose my  bookmarks.   If you feel that I should have something that would benefit a lot, fire me an email or fill out a form on  Submit-A-Link and tell me all about it.  Enjoy!


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Yes, this site  is under constant revision.  Enjoy!  Thank you.

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